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The Toyota Vision for North America's Supply Chains

Toyota Industries Corporation’s strategy is to become the number one logistics solutions provider in the world. As part of that strategy, Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) recognized that changing dynamics in the North American material handling market related to e-commerce, labor cost and productivity requirements, have created a permanent demand for new forms of logistics solutions, beyond TICO’s previous product and service offerings. 

To align with market changes and customer needs, TICO created a new division under the Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG) to manage North American activities in the area of advanced automated material handling systems design and integration, and supply chain solutions. The new division, Toyota Advanced Logistics North America (TALNA), commenced operations in 2017 and acquired Bastian Solutions as the first group company in the TALNA operating structure.

Also in 2017, TICO acquired Vanderlande and added Vanderlande’s North American operations to their list of other North American service providers, including Toyota Material Handling N.A. (Toyota Forklifts and Raymond), and Toyota Advanced Logistic N.A. (Bastian Solutions). 

All of the Toyota Material Handling Group companies in North America interface with one another to ensure every option is considered in developing and delivering the most appropriate solution to our clients.

North America Organizational Structure

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Our Mission in North America

Toyota Advanced Logistics North America and their operating company, Bastian Solutions, are dedicated to earning a position as our client’s trusted business partner by demonstrating the value of our people and their ability to provide advanced logistics solutions that enable our clients to excel in their markets and achieve their strategic business goals.

Bastian Solutions Business Units 

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Bastian Solutions is an independent consulting, and material handling and robotics system integrator providing automated solutions for distribution, manufacturing, and order fulfillment centers around the world. Our team specializes in supply chain consulting, system design, project management, maintenance, installation, software development and equipment manufacturing.

Though Bastian Solutions has grown from a modest, Midwest company into a global corporation with 21 U.S. offices, 7 U.S. manufacturing facilities, and international offices in Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico and Spain, we are primarily focused on growing the businesses of our domestic clients in order to fulfill North America's part in achieving TICO's vision of being the number one logistics solutions provider in the world.


Our Values anD principles



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Toyota Advanced Logistics North America's Cultural Foundations

To support our vision and goal of contributing to a comfortable society and enriched lifestyles, Toyota Advanced Logistics North America and its operating companies are lead by corporate values and principles based on the Toyoda precepts originating in the teachings of Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyota. These precepts are the cultural compass for why we do what we do, and how we conduct ourselves when we do it. Together they form a positive and progressive cycle which enables us to continuously improve ourselves and our surroundings, moving us closer to our vision. This is manifested daily in our people, products and solutions.

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